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Tech marketing, content development, and proposal support expertise to help you achieve your strategic outcomes, increase your market exposure, and win new business.

Marketing Strategy Advising

While you’re creating your business plan to seek your post-angel funding (or after you close your round), you need a marketing strategist who can help you outline the appropriate programs, channels, and messages that will create the results you promise to your investors. 

2nd Stage Marketing is your “fractional CMO”. Providing experienced strategic counsel — as much as you need, and no more.  No long-term commitments.  We’ve created go-to-market plans for innovative tech products, media companies, and tech services in B2C, B2B, and B2G markets.  Write or call and let us know what kind of support you need.

Media Relations Leadership

Media relations is perhaps the quickest and most cost-effective marketing program you can do use to create widespread awareness, drive leads, attract partnership inquiries, and increase value perceptions. The key capabilities you need are great messaging, great writing, and the ability to pitch stories effectively to bloggers, podcasts, and other influencers in your market. 

2nd Stage Marketing brings expertise in all these areas and can help you convey the right messages and get the media attention you need.  (If you’d like to get started on your own, check out our guide to how to write a news release so you can increase your own effectiveness.)

Proposal Writing & Editing

For government contractors, a proposal is your ultimate marketing document.  2nd Stage Marketing has deep experience in conveying your value proposition, differentiators, and win themes.  With our decades of experience in technology management, we are experts at interviewing your technical SMEs, eliciting the experience to match the RFP requirements, and crafting proposal sections into compliant and compelling content.

We also are expert editors of proposal content — technical and management sections, past performance, price volumes, and resumes.  We can standardize contributions from multiple writers to enforce a single voice and can turn overly complex narratives into copy that is easy for reviewers to understand.

Marketing Accountability Framework

Your marketing strategy should include the metrics you will track to demonstrate progress against your business objectives.  2nd Stage Marketing will lead you through a process of developing a set of “needle movers” — success parameters that will actually make a measurable impact on your company’s success.

After identifying the needle movers, we will set up a dashboard using your management system or a leading external business dashboarding system like  

Social Media Management

Along with media relations, social media management is a must-have for building broad awareness and influence at a reasonable cost.  There are few shortcuts to building a meaningful, sustainable social media presence.  A good strategy and effective, patient implementation is the key. Whether your market is best reached through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any combination, 2nd Stage Marketing can make it happen for you.

White Papers & Case Studies

The basis for any good content marketing program is… well… good content!

We have decades of experience crafting white papers and case studies about complex technical topics.  We are experts at eliciting stories about solutions and results from your solution leaders and architects.  It usually takes only one draft and feedback cycle to polish your story and deliver it to your content marketing team, so they can push it into the market quickly.

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