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After Launch

Marketing aligned to your strategic business objectives is the most effective propellant for your second stage of growth.

What you do after launch
matters most.

When NASA or SpaceX launches a rocket, ignition of the first stage is what everyone wants to see.  Launch is exciting!  Fire, smoke, and the deafening roar of those massive engines.  The launch tower access arms drop and the rocket slowly lumbers off the pad, struggling to lift hundreds of tons, defying the law of gravity.  (Press play just for fun — turn up your speakers!) 

But after the rocket has dimmed to a small, bright dot toward the horizon, the powerful booster stage burns out.  If that’s all the energy the rocket had, it would fall in a grand arc and crash into the ocean.  Mission over.  Failure. 

It’s the same with business.

Many entrepreneurs put massive amounts of energy into getting their product and their company ready for launch and then executing their launch plan.  But without a solid plan for “Stage 2”, the new company will likely crash and burn, joining hundreds of thousands of others on the trash heap of business history.  

2nd Stage companies generally have between $1 million and $50 million in revenue and 10-100 employees.  They have a market presence and customers, and now have turned their attention from survival to growth.   

As they focus on entering new markets and introducing market-changing products or services, a focused, tailored marketing strategy will be essential to success.  Missteps at this stage can sink the company or create negative impacts from which it may take years to recover. 

Our mission is your 2nd Stage.

2nd Stage Marketing exists to help you create strategic plans for marketing that will successfully propel your business past the launch stage.  

We understand the resource limitations and the need for focus at your stage in business.  The good news is that you can choose a few marketing programs — with strategic intent — that will help you achieve your business objectives at each stage of growth.  Get in touch and let’s discuss a success strategy for marketing in your organization.

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