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Whether you need strategic advising or tactical communication support,
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Example Projects

Here are some of our favorite projects from nearly 30 years of successful
marketing program implementation. Contact us to learn more about any of these projects.

Immersive 3D Interface to the Internet

One of the most innovative concepts of the dot-com era, ViOS was a 3D game-like landscape that used a leasing model to create a self-organizing interface to the entire World Wide Web. Our buzz engine garnered multiple awards and 7,500 signups in 2 weeks.

GovCon Content Marketing Roadmap

A mid-sized government IT services firm needed to build a reputation for thought leadership, in order to attract partners and senior-level candidates.  We created a roadmap of content marketing tools and programs to show how content marketing programs would work together to reach our desired audiences.

The 1st Multimedia Shopping System

2Market was the first interactive, multimedia shopping system in partnership with blue-chip retailers – delivered initially on CD-ROM for Macs with a dial-up order delivery system, and later the foundation for AOL’s first shopping channel.

Online Community Marketing Toolkit

For an early local online community startup, we created a toolkit to be used by local media companies to engage and educate internal audiences and community leaders.

Branding & Collateral for AOL Ad Sales

In 1994, AOL had never sold an online ad. A small tiger team created the business model, sold the idea to skeptical leadership, created the “MediaSpace” brand, and launched it to ad agencies and media companies.

First Collegiate Sports Store Network

In 1998, the FANSonly Network partnered with Bradley Specialty Retailing to create an online mall of licensed sports merchandise to college sports fans through a network of Official Athletic Sites for major universities.  

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