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High-tech & GovCon marketing expertise to accelerate your business after launch.

Working exclusively on your behalf, with no conflicts of interest.

Our Services

2nd Stage tech firms are ready to get serious about marketing to drive awareness, value, and leads to fill the sales funnel. And your investors want to see the results.

Our Values

When we live and operate consistently by a set of core values, our clients should always have a truly remarkable experience with us:  Trust, Excellence, Kindness, Endurance, and Integrity.

We believe trust is the most important ingredient to success in business relationships, and in life in general.  You can be worthy of trust through your actions, but trust must always be given to you.   

Trust is about delivering against the odds and working sacrificially for the wellbeing of others.  The only thing harder than earning the trust of others is keeping their trust over time. 

Perfection is an elusive ideal. But we never stop in our pursuit of excellence.  It’s never, ever just “good enough.”

Excellence is about paying attention to the details that others don’t see, and choosing to invest the extra time to ensure our work exceeds our clients’ expectations.

We never forget that we’re dealing with fellow human beings who deserve the same kindness we would expect for ourselves and our families.

Kindness is about intentionally being considerate, generous, and patient with everyone, regardless of their position or how our day is going.  Kindness is being aware when others need a smile, a kind word, or a cookie.

Endurance in the face of obstacles is often what separates those who do great things from those who talk about how they almost did something great. Endurance brings tiredness, discomfort, or even pain, and it almost always involves a struggle.

Endurance is about understanding the satisfaction that comes through achieving the goal, staying focused, and having the confidence in our ability to succeed as we strive toward that goal.

Integrity is demonstrated when we have a consistent set of values in all circumstances, and over time — when others can count on us to do what we say we will do.

We act with integrity when we will stand by our values — regardless of whether we’re basking in the spotlight at an event, challenged to make a tough ethical choice,  or writing an email alone at the keyboard.

Our Customers

We are honored to work with visionary entrepreneurs and industry leading corporations. 

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Our Leadership

Bruce Milligan brings more than 25 years of marketing and communications experience in the technology industry. He served for 13 years as Sr. Vice President of marketing at Citizant, a mid-sized government IT and business services firm, where he also managed internal IT and proposal development.  Before that, he was Sr. Director of Employee Communications for AOL’s corporate services groups, including HR, Legal, Diversity & Inclusion, Finance, and Facilities. Bruce also oversaw internal advocacy for AOL’s brand strategy and compliance programs.

Bruce started his career as corporate communications director for Redgate Communications, the pioneering new media marketing company founded by  
Ted Leonsis, which was acquired by AOL in 1994. While at Redgate, Bruce helped create one of the Internet’s first corporate Web sites and played an instrumental role in creating the world’s first interactive, multimedia CD/online shopping system. Bruce later  served as the senior marketing executive for two Internet startup companies in Research Triangle Park, N.C., and has consulted on interactive marketing, communications, and e-commerce solutions with dozens of business-to-business technology companies of all sizes.

Bruce has advised numerous non-profit organizations on growth strategy, management, marketing, and communications. He is honored to mentor women entrepreneurs through the weVENTURE Program at Florida Institute of Technology. He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in mathematics from the University of Alabama.

Bruce Milligan

Bruce Milligan


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